Welcome Home

Two-Page sketch. Ink on paper.


Dreaming of Losing You Again

Abstract hilly green landscape.
We were clearing gigantic wooden chairs from the path
of the train
coming up behind us.

Flinging them
Over the hills
And laughing.

We were excited.

We were going to make it. Finally make it.

Ready. Path clear. Anticipating.

We ran along the platform, to where the train would stop.
I am ten feet in front of you.
You are running to keep up.
I am running to make sure we both catch this train.
I love you.

It arrives.
A huge thing.
It roars past us
Carriage, carriage, carriage, carriage, carriage

I hear you shouting from behind me,
"Make it stop, make it stop."
I run alongside
I smack the windows
I tell him to stop.
A screech of brakes.
PE. D.

Our train finally comes to a standstill ahead,


the platform.

How can we get on?

As I catch up
To the stationary train,
I glance back
over my shoulder
to you
in your blue coat
and I smile.
We were going to make it. Finally make it.

But my momentum
takes me over the edge
of the platform
into the darkness.

The gap between
the platform edge
and the final carriage

I fall backwards
onto moving gears
In my best grey trousers
And I lose you


I hope you choke on it